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Whatever your aims in riding, I’m happy to help. I cater to a wide range of riders of all ages. Dressage is my main competitive area but I have experience of many other disciplines and am happy to share all knowledge. Whether you have a competition in mind, looking to improve your flat skills or just to gain confidence and enjoy your horse, every lesson I teach is based around your individual needs. I love to think outside the box to find a learning path that suits the horse and rider to achieve their best possible progress. I have helped tutor many clients with additional needs such as Asperger’s, Autism, ADD and Dyspraxia. Celebrating their successes has given me some of my most rewarding moments as a teacher.


1 hour lesson - £25.
45min lesson - £20.

Horse Riding Lessons East Yorkshire

Producing / Schooling

I have been fortunate to have been involved in the careers' of many horses. Having seen them through the initial phases and progressing up the levels. I am good at planning and executing suitable programmes to facilitate your horse's progression towards your goals. Whether I’m producing for the young event horse series, retraining an ex-racer for a private client or introducing a youngster to hacking, I provide training and consistency that is needed to get results.

I can also assist in rehabilitation work. I have been fortunate to have a wide range of experience of this work from sacroiliac to tendon/ligament injuries. I can work in conjunction with your veterinary care to assist in muscle management and strengthening work. I work at your horses pace to help restore them to happy and healthy animals. I believe in training horses to be polite and manageable. I do this by making sessions as interesting as possible and always finishing on a high note. I treat each horse as if it were my own and I put the welfare of every horse first.


£25 p/h

Equestrian Schooling east yorkshire


I can travel to you for your clipping needs. My clippers are cordless and quite suitable for young or sensitive horses, but also powerful enough for the thicker haired souls. All traditional clips provided. Pulling and trimming can also be provided to complete the finish.

Clipping Price list

• Chaser/Trace £20.
• Blanket £25.
• Hunter £30.
• Full (legs and head) £35.
• Hog/legs £20.

Other trimming prices on application.
Over 20 miles from Driffield additional travel cost will apply.

Holiday Cover

I’m very experienced in horse care and do provide holiday cover when I have availability. It does work on a first come first serve basis as it’s not possible to do safely when overbooked. I have looked after all types and ages of horses in my time. I’m aware a lot of owners like to keep their horses in routine when they not at home. For this purpose, I can be relied upon to ensure your horses care continues uninterrupted and their needs are met whilst you enjoy your time away.