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Sarah and Ned

Beth has been amazing whilst helping me with my 11 year old ex racehorse, Ned. I bought Ned in January 2018 after the sad loss of my 36 year old horse and soon realised that I was going to need some help in training for both Ned and myself. I was quite out of practice and hadn’t ridden more than a light hack out for at least 10 years. A good friend recommended Beth to me and very kindly said that we could use her schooling arena to practice. It is an ongoing training process for both me and the horse. Ned needs lots of work to build up his muscles and work in a more rounded position and he is also quite excitable when learning new things! Beth is extremely patient and works at a pace that she knows is both safe for the horse and rider. I am not so patient and expected to be doing everything quickly, but I soon came to realise that she was right… and that it is only over time and with correct training that you can start to achieve what you want. I was overjoyed when I managed a full circle of trot for the first time with Ned striding out in a ‘round’ position and me not bouncing around like a sack of spuds! With Beth’s help, I have now completed some dressage at introductory level and we were just starting with show jumping training before the Covid 19 pandemic.

I really trust Beth and she has given me so many useful tips and strategies to help me gain a proper bond with Ned. She always has safety and correctness as her mantra and will not push beyond capabilities of both horse and rider. Ned is not an easy ride- and has a big personality! I have had tears and setbacks but Beth has always been there to help me and support both during training sessions and in between too. Beth even worked with me and helped to produce a video for Retraining of Racehorses (RoR), which led to Ned becoming RoR Horse Personality of the Year 2020!

The Covid 19 has been a massive setback for everyone and once social distancing measures are relaxed I am looking forward to being able to start up work on Ned again with training from Beth. I know we will have to go back a few steps and start building Ned’s muscles up again. The transformation of him and his outline was quite incredible during our first year of training. I can strongly recommend that you use Beth as your instructor. She is a true professional and will certainly give you an exceptional, personal training designed for you and your horse from novice to advanced level. Thank you for everything you have helped me with Beth. I am missing you incredibly at this time.


I have known Beth since relocating back to Yorkshire in 2018 after living away for many years. I have been around horses all my life, but in the past 15 years became more advanced whilst based in South Wales. I have been very fortunate to be trained by some of the leading coaches within the equestrian world in GB. Sadly due to chronic ill health, surgeries and a more recent riding accident I have weakness and loss of feeling through my right arm and leg.  I have struggled to find a riding instructor with the skill set needed to understand how I need to re-program my brain to adapt to a new  approach to riding to accommodate the differences in my body. I have found Beth to be completely empathetic with my situation. Beth really listened to me and understands what my needs are to achieve my goals, adapting her training approach to really support me.  To help me with consistency in contact Beth has managed to get me to scale in my head the pressure required down each rein to retrain my feeling process.  This is the breakthrough I desperately needed for so long and my confidence is growing daily. Beth’s explanations behind what we are doing and why is outstanding.  She is exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable of training horses from youngsters through to advanced level, especially dressage. 

I bought a youngster earlier this year. Bailey is a 4 year old Welsh D. He’s had some education prior to him arriving and has much potential. Beth’s support is so precious; from babysitting him hacking out with her boy, coaching me with Bailey and also schooling Bailey too. The improvement is noticeable weekly with Bailey and me.  Beth is the lifeline I needed to get me on the right path physically and mentally to feel confident with riding again.  Previously I had stopped competing, but now cannot wait to start with Bailey. We have lots of fun and work very hard too. I personally believe Beth to be one of the best coaches I have had the pleasure to be taught by and am so very grateful to have met her and have her in my life.  She truly is one in a million. 


Incredibly trustworthy and very competent. Beth was recommended to me over 6 years ago to help break in my young unbroken horses. Beth has a lovely calm manner about her and I found my horses instantly trusted her and wanted to work for her. Beth helped me to back them, hacked them on the roads and introduced them to schooling work. Beth was a lifesaver and played an important part in helping to set them up for the Burliegh Young Event Horse Series and to be successful young event horses. Over the years Beth has really helped me exercise our young and competition horses. She rides to a very high standard and is really good at assessing what horses need and how they should work during exercise. 

House sitting: Beth has looked after our house, horses and dogs for many years whilst we have been on holiday. She is very dependable and I feel very rest assured that our animals are having the very best of care when being looked after by her. I have absolute no worries when we are away. Beth gives great peace of mind. Beth I can’t thank you enough for all the continued help and support you give me.


I started lessons with Beth a couple years ago after buying a new horse and wanted to get back eventing after a few years away from competing. Dressage has always been my weakest phase and Beth has helped me not only to improve and progress up the grades but also to learn to enjoy dressage and look at it in a new light. Each session I learn something new, whether it be a new movement, technique or terminology and I genuinely look forward to my lessons with Beth. She is a friendly and enthusiastic teacher who always manages to make things understandable and make my goals seem realistic.


When asked to write a recommendation about Beth I’m struggling to know where to start! She is a fantastic and rounded horsewoman and I would not hesitate to trust her with the most precious thing my life. Beth is a wonderful instructor. I struggle with my connection and contact and with Beth's help I have come on in leaps and bounds. She is a very sympathetic instructor who actually listens to you when you have either a question or a concern! She has a wealth of exercises to help both horse and rider achieve their goals. These are carefully explained and if I am struggling to understand, she finds alternative ways to communicate the exercise and the reasons for doing it. I like Beth to ride my mare in order to help out with our lesson. The difference after even a single ride is fantastic and it allows me to feel the ‘correct’ way of going without the usual wrestling match beforehand! My mare is awkward and evasive but after about 5 minutes with Beth, she looks like she’s floating on air. This is already a long recommendation and I haven’t even managed to mention the clipping, yard cover, help with my confidence and assistance she has given me on the ground! I cannot rate her enough!


For more years than I care to remember, Beth has been my go-to cover for all stable and grooming duties for my two geldings. During that time, I have moved livery yards three times and yet Beth has always altered her timetable in order to accommodate a longer journey or different times. She is consistently diligent, efficient and thoroughly competent – whatever I ask her to attend to. This ranges from covering whilst I have been away for work (mucking out, turning out, bringing in, poo picking, feeds and rugging etc…) or attending an event as an owner; taking care of a horse left on the yard while my daughter events on the other one or riding out/lunging our event horse when necessary. She has taken the time to get to know both horses and I trust her completely in the knowledge that they will be looked as well, if not better than if I was there myself.